Demystifying Lightroom

Demystifying Lightroom!

A steal at $5.99!

Demystifying Lightroom Denise Silva

  • Whether you are new to Lightroom or just want to get a better understanding on how to navigate and process with this powerful image management and editing program,  Denise's Lightroom ebook will help make you more productive with this amazing program.    
  • November 19, 2015
  • 69 pages

This book demystifies Lightroom, chock full of step by step instructions and illustrative images to guide you through:

  • Setting up your Preferences to Optimize the functionality of Lightroom.
  • Importing images into the Library, including how to embed your contact information into the metadata of the image file and how to utilize Lightroom to organize your images.
  • Developing images to create your vision, going through each section and slider in the Develop Module.
  • Creating watermarks and Export presets, including Publish Services.
  • Introducing Map, Books, Slideshow, Print, and Web Modules.
  • Updated to reflect changes in Lightroom 6!

This book will help you gain confidence in Lightroom, so that you can turn your original files into beautiful unique pieces of art that you will be proud to share with family, friends, and customers alike!

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