Greenland Odyssey!

Greenland Odyssey! – August 14 – 23, 2018

Experience the majesty of Scoresby Sound! – Sold Out!

Join Road Runner Photography Tours for a once in a lifetime adventure. We will spend 8 days sailing the pristine Arctic waters of Scoresby Sound. We will witness stunning landscapes that include fjords, towering cliffs, icebergs, and glaciers. There are few places left in the world that are as remote and untouched as Greenland. You will enjoy: 

  • Expert instruction, geared to your level of expertise for an enhanced learning experience.
  • Full days shooting, with instruction provided as needed to elevate your photography.
  • Tour designed to create a fun and interactive environment that enhances your individual experience.
  • Feedback and image critiques and helpful suggestions throughout the trip.
  • Instruction on image processing as requested.
  • Flight from Reykjavik to Constable Point and back.
  • Soft drinks and meals on the ship.
  • Services of the crew, such as guided hikes, etc.

Cost $7500/participant, $4000 deposit to register

Maximum # of Participants: 12

To sign up for our waitlist, click here. At this time, we have one participant who may not be able to make it. 


We will be sailing on the Schooner Opal. The ship, built in Germany in 1951 and converted in 1981 into the twin-masted sailing ship she is today, carries just 12 passengers. Our group will have the entire ship to themselves! She has sailed all over the world and completed several Trans-Atlantic crossings. She has been restored for her current purpose as an expedition ship. The Opal has six double cabins plus crew facilities. She has three bathrooms and two showers.

Day 1 (Tuesday)

Arrive in Reykjavik. Enjoy a group dinner and get acquainted. (Lodging on this night is not included in the price of the tour)

Day 2 (Wednesday)

Depart Reykjavik for a flight to Constable Point in Greenland. Embark the Schooner and set sail towards the village of Ittoqqortoormiit, where the evening will be spent with locals in perhaps the most isolated village of the world.

Day 3 (Thursday)

Sail west between palaces of icebergs that gently drift under the influence of the currents in the Arctic waters in the mighty fjord of Scoresby Sound. Anchor at Hekla Havn. We will go on a short evening walk exploring Hekla Havn, and the surrounding area.

Day 4 (Friday)

Sail west through the narrow Føhnfjord with the majestic basalt mountains of Gåseland on the port side and 2000 meters high sheer granite cliffs of Milne Land on the starboard side.

Day 5 (Saturday)

The whole day is spent ashore in Harefjord scouting for muskoxen, snow hares, grouse, geese, and other wildlife, which normally graze on the south-facing slopes. A day of easy to moderate hiking with a lunch break at the top of a ridge with a breathtaking view over Harefjord where the glacier descends into the sea. In the evening, we will enjoy a bonfire and BBQ on the beach.

Day 6 (Sunday)

The sailing continues eastwards through the awesome Øfjord. This is one of the most spectacular parts of the trip. Terrific mountain peaks and granite walls, including the majestic Grundtvigskirken pinnacle, tower 2000 meters up from the sea – a true feast for the eyes.

Day 7 (Monday)

The day is spent hiking in and around Jytteshavn in Bear Islands, one of the nicest and most picturesque anchorages in Scoresby Sound.

Day 8 (Tuesday)

We will sail the channel between the Bear Islands and Milne Land, with breathtaking views of the spectacular archipelago. As we sail into the last evening and night of the trip it is likely that we will be experiencing sights of the largest and the most fascinating icebergs of the journey.

Day 9 (Wednesday)

The last morning we will enjoy a good breakfast together and then we will disembark the schooner for the last time and board the aircraft in Constable Point and fly back to Reykjavik, Iceland.

Day 10 (Thursday)

After a good night sleep, we say our good-byes and fly home. (Lodging on this night is not included in the price of the tour)

A Few More Details

Double occupancy on ship required. Pack light – space is limited.

No hard sided luggage.

Not included:

  • Airfare to and from Iceland.
  • Although not included, we will facilitate planning for:

–  Transport from Keflavik to Reykjavik hotels. We recommend FlyBus (

–  Lodging in Iceland before or after the trip to Greenland. However, we will be happy to block a group of rooms for participants.

–  Transport from Icelandic hotel to Reykjavik Domestic Airport ( – will require a transfer).

  • Visas, if applicable.
  • Travel insurance (highly recommended). (
  • Excess baggage charges.
  • Laundry charges and items of personal nature.
  • Alcoholic beverages (available for extra charge and to be paid upon departure with cash (Euros or Icelandic Krona)).
  • Optional pre- or post-tours in Iceland.

Payment Schedule:

  • $1500 deposit required at time of registration, non-refundable.
  • $2500 payment is due on or before September 15, 2017.
  • Balance is due no later than May 31, 2018.

After May 31 2018, all payments are non-refundable.

RRPT Participant Information, Waiver and Releaseclick here.

Healthy Packing Listclick here.


This tour is dependent on weather. The weather in this area is usually calm during the summer and fall, but Arctic weather can be unpredictable. We are not able to offer any type of consideration if this tour is adversely affected by weather. We encourage all participants to purchase travel insurance for this and other unexpected events.

Foreign Currency Risk:  

Our contract with the boat operator involves 3 different currencies and a stipulation that the Icelandic Krona does not drop below 125 to 1 Euro. We have every intention of offering this tour at the quoted price.   However if there has been a significant changes in exchange rates at the time of the final payment. We consider anything greater than 10% to be significant; we reserve the right to recalculate the tour price and your final balance amount.

Trip Insurance:

Participants are strongly advised to purchase travel protection insurance. offers different options from various vendors and allows for product comparison.


  1. Is there power on the ship? Power (220V) will be available only when the ship is underway. During the night and when at anchor power will not be available, so you will need to do all your charging during the day; be sure to bring extra batteries to avoid downtime while batteries are charging.
  2. Do I need to bring power converters? You should bring 220V to 110V converters. These will be needed on board the ship and if you spend additional time in Iceland.
  3. Will my phone work? Phone service is available in Reykjavik and at the airport in Constable Point; check with your service provider regarding any additional fees that might apply to use of your phone in Iceland and Greenland. At all other times there will be no phone or Internet. The ship does have a satellite phone in case of emergency.
  4. How is the weather? Temperatures range from approximately 2° to 12° Celsius (36° to 56° Fahrenheit. The seas are usually clam and the sun can be strong.


Greenland Odyssey!

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