Private and Group Learning

Personalized Photo Processing Workshops

In addition to the video tutorials, we also offer personalized software training tailored to meet your specific needs. This training can be done locally, at an agreed upon meeting place, or we can create individualized video tutorials.

Learn how to transform your images with hands-on training (one-on-one or a small group). The workshops will start with a demonstration of the technique, on a provided sample image. You will follow along and process this image, as I demonstrate the steps involved. Next, you will focus on processing some of your own images, using the same techniques. I will be on hand to assist you with the techniques and answer any questions you may have. At the end of the sessions, I will customize instructional handouts based on our session to aid you in practicing what you have learned.

As everyone’s needs are different, workshops can be customized, both in topic and in length to meet you or your groups needs. Pricing will depend on length of time and number of individuals participating. To schedule a workshop for yourself or a group of friends, click here.

Private instruction: $30/hour

2 hour workshops (two or more individuals) $50/ person

4 hour workshops (two or more individuals) $80/person

Below are some sample workshops – however, if you have a particular processing interest you would like to explore, do not hesitate to contact me.

Basic Image Processing

Processing images from RAW or .jpg files to enhance the quality of the final image. Basic image processing can be done in Lightroom, Aperture, Adobe Camera Raw, or with NIK and Topaz plugin filters. You decide!




Texture Blending and Image Compositing

Texture blending and image compositing allow you to blend multiple images (images with images, graphics, or textures) to create new and wholly unique art. The combinations are limitless!







High Dynamic Range (HDR) Images

HDR image processing allows the photographer to accentuate the dynamic range between the darkest and lightest areas of an image. Often, but not exclusively created from multiple images, HDR images generally capture more accurately the range of light intensity found in the actual scene. The style of HDR images run the gamut, from hyper-intense to grungy to subtle.





Layers and Masks

Through the magic of layers and masks, you can enhance your images in a myriad of ways; from adding the perfect sky to gradually fading a color image to black and white. You can bring out elements through selective color or create a painting from your image. Images are your creation, so unless you are recording a scene or location as a journalist, you should feel free to modify and improve upon it.






Advanced Image Processing

In this highly customizable workshop, you will learn the techniques that will take your images to the next level. Various techniques include:

  • Adobe’s Camera Raw (ACR) for non-destructive raw image processing;
  • Advanced blending techniques, including luminosity masking and blending modes to get the most out of your images;
  • Rules of composition and how Photoshop can be used to guide you;
  • Various plugins (NIK, Topaz, Alien Skin);
  • Create and use actions to save time when performing repetitive tasks.


  • _DSC1634
  • _DSC1636 Composite-2







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