If you are passionate about photography, enjoy travel, and prefer learning new techniques in the field and not in the classroom … then we have the photography tours for you! 


Road Runner Photography Tours offers guided photography adventures for intermediate to advanced level photographers who wish to spend time in the field learning rather than in a classroom.

Most photography tours include a significant amount of classroom instructional time. However, we believe that when you are comfortable with your camera equipment and image processing, classroom time is simply time not spent in the field shooting. We created Road Runner Photography Tours to provide an alternative for photographers that prefer to focus on fieldwork. We believe that learning through practice, with camera in hand is the best way to develop skills.

Our tours and Meetups are for photographers who are looking to experience new places, build friendships, find photo-companions, and develop technique.

Our tours and Meetups are perfect for people of all different skillsets! If you are a beginner and need more assistance, then we are happy to help you learn and experiment with new techniques for capturing amazing images… let’s just focus on being in the field when doing it!! If you are more experienced, then let us show you all the great spots we have found and do the heaving lifting on your photography vacation!

What differentiates us?

  • We keep our tours small and therefore, flexible.
  • Because we are flexible, we work to take our folks off the beaten track to explore the sites other tours can’t get to.
  • We do our best to accommodate our participants “I must have this image” moments, while other tours won’t even consider modifying the “tour” timing.

We have some great photo tour locations scheduled, such as:

  • Iceland Winter Adventure
  • The Palouse
  • Thailand
  • Aurora Borealis Tour in Alaska!
  • With more locations to be added!

To find more information and register, click the links below!

2017 Photo Tour Schedule

2018 Photo Tour Schedule

Meetup schedule


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