Photographing people can be extremely challenging. It doesn’t matter if its portraiture or street, capturing the essence of another human being is difficult. I do very little formal portraiture. However, I do like characters, so in this gallery you will find models dressed up for various shoots, from anime characters to Day of the Dead participants. I also love street photography. When I am a city or village, I look for images that tell stories and express moments of every day life. 

When capturing images of people, its important to do it with respect and dignity. No one wants to be made a spectacle of. Often a simple gesture with camera in hand gets permission. Remember, a smile and a thank you can go a long way to breaking down barriers, even when there is no common language. I was recently interviewed by  Peggy Farren, of Understanding Photography, on Overcoming the Challenges of Street Photography. If you would like to hear some tips and tricks, check the interview out here


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