Over the years, Road Runner has developed great working relationships with many different companies in the photography industry, from software and gear to learning venues and other partners. We proudly list our partners on the following page: 


In the spirit of full disclosure, RRPT has an affiliate relationship for many of the listed companies. This means that RRPT receives a nominal commission for recommending their products to you and in return, we are able to offer you a discount. Affiliate marketing is extremely common and results in a win, win, win for everyone involved. You get a discount, the company gets a sale, and the affiliate partner gets a small commission. We only recommend companies whose products we use. You are welcome to use our codes or someone else’s to take advantage of discount opportunities. If you choose to click through and use our code, thank you.

In addition to these companies, we have also included other software packages we feel are invaluable to our creative processes. In all cases, these pages features only the products and services we use.


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