Denise and Geff love to share their knowledge and help other folks enhance their photography craft. We have extensive experience speaking at camera clubs and photography events. Our lectures are designed to be educational and entertaining and would love to speak at your club or event! 

Here are the variety of topics we currently cover and we are always adding more!


Black & White Photography – Geff Bourke

Black and White Photography is often forgotten in our digital color world of today. While not every image is a candidate for conversion to black and white, some images can be truly striking and powerful when rendered in this medium. This presentation focuses on how to produce strong black and white images, starting with learning to recognize what types of images make great black and white photographs. You will learn to recognize the conditions that will result in great images. You will also learn how to process black and white imagery with Photoshop and other software applications. 

The Art of Bird Photography – Geff Bourke 

In this presentation you will learn not only the techniques and gear needed for successful bird photography, but the art of taking these traditionally “documentary” images that elevates them to a new level. Known for his amazing avian images, Geff will share with you his techniques, his tricks, his process, and his locations! If you aren’t a bird photographer yet, you will be after this!! 

Minimalism – Geff Bourke or Denise Silva

This presentation focuses on learning to how to refine your imagery with a focus on simplicity through the elimination of non-essential components from your composition. By stripping an image down to its bare essentials, minimalistic imagery emphasizes your subject and tells your story. Simplicity can be powerful when executed properly.  

Travel Photography – Denise Silva

This presentation focuses on how to prepare, both literally and mentally for travel photography. We don’t always get what we expect when we plan our epic vacations… learn how to roll with the punches in the entertaining presentation. Also, learn some handy tips and tricks on how to be prepared for the challenges of destination photography.

Street Photography – Denise Silva

Street photography is one of the most interesting types of photography, but it can be challenging and often times overwhelming. In this presentation, learn techniques for overcoming these challenges and creating images that tell the story of everyday life. 

Long Exposure Photography – Denise Silva

This presentation focuses on the techniques used to capture long exposure images and explores the artistic results of using long exposures to create unique imagery. We will cover the techniques and gear needed to shoot these types of images during the day, as well as how to  capture images that take advantage of the time of day and available light. Learn how to manipulate clouds, water, and windy conditions when photographing landscape scenery and use swipes to capture with a sense of motion. 

Composition – Denise Silva

Have you ever noticed that some images just demand your attention? That’s because those photographers have used well-founded elements of design and composition to enhance their work. Strong compositions make for appealing imagery… Learn what makes an image strong by understanding the elements of design. Also learn how to apply the “rules” of composition and why it is absolutely OK to break those rules! 

Aurora Photography – Denise Silva 

If viewing and capturing auroras are on your bucket list, then this presentation is for you! Learn some of the science behind how auroras are formed and where they occur, learn why they come in different colors and most of all learn the techniques needed to capture this amazing phenomenon. This presentation will also discuss some of the challenges in processing these images after you have captured them.  

Textures and Blending – Denise Silva

Take your photography to the next level through the blending of textures. This presentation will challenge you to look at your art in a new way and inspire you to create new images from all those pixels are your hard drives! This presentation focuses on how to use Photoshop layers, masks, and blending modes to create unique art from your collection of images. 

Life at 66° and North – Denise Silva

Explore the beauty and stark landscapes of Alaska, Iceland, and Greenland. Learn about these amazing destinations, the vast landscapes, the people, the challenges, and the sheer beauty of traveling to these remote locations. This presentation will inspire you to brave the cold weather breathe the fresh crisp air of the arctic. 




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