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Don, Denise, Geff, and Jim love to share their knowledge and help other folks enhance their photography craft.  We have extensive experience speaking at camera clubs and photography events.  Our lectures are designed to be educational and entertaining and would love to speak at your club or event! 

Here are the variety of topics we currently cover (and we are always adding more!): 


Black & White Photography – Geff Bourke

Black and White Photography is often forgotten in our digital color world of today. While not every image is a candidate for conversion to black and white, some images can be truly striking and powerful when rendered in this medium.  This presentation focuses on how to produce strong black and white images, starting with learning to recognize what types of images make great black and white photographs. You will learn to recognize the conditions that will result in great images. You will also learn how to process black and white imagery with Photoshop and other software applications. 

Travel Photography – Denise Silva

This presentation focuses on how to prepare, both literally and mentally for travel photography. We don’t always get what we expect when we plan our epic vacations… learn how to roll with the punches in the entertaining presentation. Also, learn some handy tips and tricks on how to be prepared for the challenges of destination photography.

Long Exposure Photography – Denise Silva

This presentation focuses on the techniques used to capture long exposures images and explores the artistic results of using long exposures to create unique imagery. We will cover the techniques and gear needed to shoot these types of images during the day, as well as how to capture images that take advantage of the time of day and available light. Learn how to manipulate clouds, water, and windy conditions when photographing landscapes scenery and use swipes to capture unique images with a sense of motion.

Composition – Denise Silva

Strong compositions make for appealing imagery… Learn what makes an image strong by understanding the elements of design. Also learn how to apply the “rules” of composition and why it is absolutely ok to break those rules!

Aurora Photography – Denise Silva 

If viewing and capturing auroras are on your bucket list, then this presentation is for you! Learn how auroras are created, learn why they come in different colors and learn how to capture this amazing phenomenon and how to process your images to perfection. 

Textures and Blending – Denise Silva

Take your photography to the next level through the blending of textures. This presentation will challenge you to look at your art in a new way and inspire you to create new images from all those pixels are your hard drives! 

Life at 66° and North – Denise Silva

Explore the beauty and stark landscapes of Alaska and Iceland. Learn about these amazing destinations, the vast landscapes, the people, the challenges, and the shear beauty of living in these remote locations.

Abstract Photography – Don Rosenberger

By creative use of shutter speeds and camera motion we can create an entire new body of work.  Abstract photography allows us to depart from reality and create works that are more expressive.   We will examine the origins of this form of art and how we can incorporate this art form into our photography. 

Night Photography and Light Painting – Don Rosenberger

Light Painting or as it is sometimes called Painting with Light offers the artist a unique way to showcase their subject.  

Don will share his influences on this art form and show how to accomplish this type of photography ranging from the small workbench shots to the grand landscape.   He will discuss the planning that goes into a successful photograph as well as processing options to achieve your creative vision. 

Depending on time allotment, a section on star photography can be added. 

Rust and Ruin’s  – Don Rosenberger

Urban Exploration is a very popular activity, but it can be difficult to do legally.  We will explore the risks and pitfalls of this type of photography as well as discuss how you can safely and legally add this type of photography to your portfolio. 

We will also explore why photographers are drawn to decrepitude and how to shoot this type of environment and get the results you desire.

Artistic Flower Photography  – Don Rosenberger

Explore various techniques for capturing creative flower photography. 

Copyright Basics — What Every Photographer Needs to Know – James Norman 

Does FaceBook own the photos I post?  What can I do if a website uses my photograph without my permission?  Is there any way to prevent my photographs from being used without permission?  If I haven’t copyrighted my photo, can anyone use it for anything they like?  Or, in this digital age, is it just too difficult and expensive to worry about such things? 

This introduction to copyright law will answer these and similar questions frequently raised by photographers.  There are simple, inexpensive, steps you can take to protect your images from unauthorized use.  There are also ways to detect an unauthorized use, but equally important are the actions you should — and shouldn’t — take to enforce your legal rights.  This session will provide comprehensive, practical advice to help you protect your work, and without too much use of legal jargon.

Wild Alaska — A Photographer’s Guide – James Norman 

Alaska offers photographers extraordinary landscapes, amazing wildlife, and fascinating insights into native cultures — 24 National Parks, 16 National Wildlife Refuges, thousands of miles of Wild and Scenic Rivers, millions of acres of wilderness, and home to wolves, bears, bald eagles, mountain goats, Dall sheep, vast herds of caribou, moose, migrating and resident whales, and much more.  This presentation provides an overview of some of the best Alaska has to offer, and offers advice on how to prepare for your trip, the gear and clothing you will need, travel options within Alaska, and some cost-saving tips, with an overall goal of helping folks bring home wonderful memories and great images.  Information and advice will be provided regarding several of Alaska’s most scenic and inspiring locales, including —  

  • Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve
  • Denali National Park and Preserve
  • Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve
  • Katmai National Park and Preserve
  • Kenai Fjords National Park
  • Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve

Liberally illustrated with maps and photos from each locale.

Aurora Photography – James Norman 

If viewing and capturing auroras are on your bucket list, then this presentation is for you! Learn how auroras are created, learn why they come in different colors and learn how to capture this amazing phenomenon and how to process your images to perfection. 

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