Experience the awesome power of nature as the Aurora Borealis dance in the heavens!

Join Road Runner Photography Tours for a “life list” adventure. We will spend 7 nights in 3 locations to maximize our opportunities to experience the aurora borealis (also know as, the Northern Lights). Galileo named the dancing lights, the aurora borealis after Aurora was the Roman goddess of dawn, and Boreas was the Greek name for the north wind. The light show we see from the ground is caused by electrically charged particles from space entering the Earth’s upper atmosphere at a very high speed. The electrically charged particles excite oxygen and nitrogen in Earth’s atmosphere causing the colors we see in the aurora. The most prominent element in our atmosphere is oxygen, and excited oxygen is what creates the green and yellow auroras. Reds, purples and blues are created by excited nitrogen. 

Although the aurora can be occasionally seen in the the most northern states, it is seen nightly in the auroral band (when the weather conditions permit and there is solar emissions from the sun). The locations we visit in Alaska are in the heart of the auroral band and provide some of the best opportunities to see and capture images of the aurora borealis. This phenomenon is weather and solar activity dependent, but by going to three (3) different locations around Alaska (all within the auroral band), we do our best to maximize our opportunities for success. We will head above the arctic circle, as well as enjoy two locations outside Fairbanks during this trip. 

For those interest, you can add on a few days at the front end of the trip to experience the Ceremonial and restart of the Iditarod. The Iditarod is known as the Last Great Race. It’s tremendous to experience the excitement and power of the sled dogs as they start out on their thousand mile journey. The cost for this add on is not included below and would consistent of a couple of extra nights lodging in Anchorage and transport to Willow, AK for the restart. The restart is actually the “official” start of the race. The Ceremonial start is a celebration that takes place in downtown Anchorage. 

You will enjoy: 

  • Full room and board at, except for alcoholic beverages, as well as the flight to and from our location above the Arctic Circle.
  • Transportation, lodging and 2 night excursions to the top of the mountain outside Fairbanks.
  • 1 night at a private Yurt outside Fairbanks.
  • Full days in the field shooting, with expert instruction, geared to your level of expertise for an enhanced learning experience.
  • Tour designed to create a fun and interactive environment that enhances your individual experience.
  • Instruction on image processing as requested and feedback and image critiques and helpful suggestions throughout the trip on how to capture your ideal images.



To be placed on a waitlist, click here.

Minimum # of Participants: 4

Maximum # of Participants: 12

Guides: Denise Silva and Geff Bourke

Additional Information: 

Winter in Alaska can be very cold, particularly at night when we will be out making images of the aurora. Our location above the Arctic Circle has a supply of warm weather gear for visitors to use, generally covering all sizes of person. The can be used as main layers or additional layers as needed and include: ski/snow pants, heavy coats, hats, gloves, and snow boots. Unfortunately, our Fairbanks locations do not have similar services, so you will need to bring proper clothing with you. We will provide information on how to dress properly for this trip upon registration. 

As noted above, seeing the aurora is weather conditions and solar activity dependent, but during March, activity is generally consistent, as long as the sky is cloudless. But we cannot guarantee success. What we can guarantee is a great trip and great opportunities. The rest is up to mother nature. In the day time hours, we will explore our locations, taking walks through the villages and forests around our lodging, work on our images or photo processing, resting up for our late night activities. Both of our main lodges have activities, such as spas, or in the case of our most northern location; dog sledding and snowmobiling (both addition cost) for those interested. 

Not included:

  • Airfare to and from Alaska (Anchorage if experiencing the Iditarod and then Fairbanks for the Aurora trip) or directly to and from Fairbanks (if not experiencing the Iditarod).  
  • Local airport taxes
  • Travel insurance (highly recommended). (Travelinsurance.com)
  • Excess baggage charges.
  • Laundry charges and items of personal nature.
  • Lunches, dinners during the Fairbanks or Anchorage portions of the trip and alcoholic beverages.
  • Optional pre- or post-tours. 


Trip Insurance:

Participants are strongly advised to purchase travel protection insurance. Travelinsurance.com offers different options from various vendors and allows for product comparison.

Healthy Packing List – click here.


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