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The Waning Days of Fall!

Are you wondering what to do with your first weekend in November?

Well, if you like the beach, the sounds of the ocean, sunrise and sunset on the water, then we have the photo tour for you.

On November 1-3, we are hosting a tour of Cape May, New Jersey, and the surrounding coastal towns. We will be working on capturing the beauty of this region, while practicing techniques for sunrise and sunset shots, as well as long exposure and slow water images.

For more information and to register, click here!

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How our style changes

Has your photographic style changed? I know mine sure has. The images below demonstrate this clearly.

Original raw image: This image was taken with Sony A850, 16-35mm, ISO 100, f/8, 6.0s


This images was processed in 2012 and it is how I saw it then. SONY DSC

This is how I see it now.


How do I account for this change? In the past year, I have made a concerted effort to shoot regularly, go on travel specifically geared to photography, read read read articles, practice multiple tutorials, and learn from and be inspired by those around me. There is nothing better than opportunity and practice to improve your skills and your art.

Join us on a photo tour and start enhancing your craft today. We look forward to sharing our techniques and insights with you.

2013 Tour Schedule

2014 Tour Schedule


2014 Tour Schedule Announced!

Don and I would like to announce our 2014 Tour Schedule!

If you are passionate about photography, enjoy travel, and prefer learning new techniques in the field and not in the classroom … then we have the photography tours for you! If you sign up before November 1, 2013, you will receive a 10% discount on your registration!

2014 Schedule – On the horizon:

Great Smoky Mountain Black Bear

Great Smoky Mtns  _DSC2130.tiff  2012-04-15

Rickets Glen – Cascades


Palouse, WA – Rolling Fields of Grain


Iceland – Jökulsárlón (literally “glacial river lagoon”)

_DSC6162 (1)