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W.A. Young & Sons

  A few weeks ago we made our second visit to W.A. Young and Sons Machine Shop and Foundry. The shop is located on the bank of the Monongahela River in Rices Landing, PA. The […]

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A Sense of Place

    Do you ever find yourself saying that you have already shot a particular location, so you see no need in returning?   I know that I do, but I also try to fight that […]

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A Different Type of Landscape

  The picture above is a landscape in Palouse, but it’s really not about the landscape so much. For me it’s about the color, pattern and texture. Today so much effort is geared toward having […]

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Returning to Ricketts

This weekend we are going back to a favorite springtime location, Ricketts Glen State Park. This park has one of the best displays of waterfalls in the Mid-Atlantic region and, as Pennsylvania emerges from a […]

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As Luck Would Have It…

Sometimes we head out thinking our day will take us to one place and then it takes us to another. Well that is precisely what happened on Saturday. We were headed out for our evening […]

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Camera Raw Processing

RRPT has just returned from a wonderful photo tour of the Great Smoky Mountains. We had a great group of folks who were game for early mornings, long days, and late evenings! This was my […]

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