HowToWow Tour with Nikon Ambassador Jerry Ghionis!

Road Runner Photo Tours is proudly sponsoring Jerry Ghionis’ HowToWow Tour. Jerry is a Nikon Ambassador who specializes in portrait, wedding, and boudoir photography.

Jerry will be in the Washington DC area on September 21! The full day program starts at 9am and runs until 8:30pm. An entire day packed with information, tips, and techniques to help build your portrait photography skills!

This is an area of photography that Don and I don’t specialize in, so we are not only sponsoring Jerry’s tour, but are also participating! In one day, Jerry will teach you how to use posing, expression and lighting to effectively transform any location into a perfect shot!

During this tour, Jerry will be sharing his tips and techniques for capturing beautiful portraits in a types of lighting conditions. Jerry will teach you HOW to WOW your clients every time with extraordinary images. Learn Jerry’s method of resourcefully transforming any location and utilizing available light to create timeless pieces. Get in on the action with professional models, all-day tethered shooting, multiple sets, real time problem-solving, tips and templates to market and grow your business.

This workshop is for anyone looking to learn or improve their portrait/wedding photography skills. We are promoting the tour through our Meetup because it is not a skill set we would be able to offer on our own.

To register for this event, you must sign up on the HowToWow Tour website, here:

There are 3 ways to participate in the program:

  1. The Daytime Workshop (9am – 4pm)
  2. The Evening Seminar (5pm – 8:30pm)
  3. The Full Experience (9am – 8:30pm)

The HowToWow website provides full descriptions of each level, including costs. To receive $10 off admission, use our discount code: HTWRRP.


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