Shenandoah National Park – The Fawns are Here!

Yesterday, RRPT ran a Meetup to Shenandoah National Park. Our hopes were to find this year’s fawns in Big Meadow. Over the past few years, fawns have been very hard to find, but this year, we were in luck… easily 3-4 fawns playing in the meadow and near the Way Station Restaurant.

We met early, just after dawn, shot for a few hours, and the group grab breakfast before heading on to the rest of our days. We had a great turn out! 17 folks joined us on this adventure! Thanks to all who attended. From the looks of the images posted on the Meetup, it looks everyone got some great images!!

Here are a few of mine. Enjoy!

photocrati gallery



RRPT’s next Meetup will be July 4th.

To join us, click the Meetup Button!



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