W. A. Young and Sons Machine Shop

Whew! It has been a tremendously busy fall… no complaints though. Since October 1, RRPT has held 7 Meetups! This means major backlog in photo processing. I have finally had a chance to look at my images from W. A. Young and Sons Machine Shop. We visited this historical and truly amazing facility in Mid-November. It was the second day of a two-day weekend Meetup in PA (Carrie Furnace and the Machine Shop). We have such a rich and vibrant industrial history in this area.

The W.A. Young & Sons Machine Shop & Foundry is a century-old, belt-driven machine shop and foundry featuring 25 fully operational machines.  This will be ideal for photographers who love macro and detail work and a great way to end our weekend in the Pittsburgh area. Our guide shared with us the history of the shop and even turned the belts on so we could see the machining equipment in motion.

For those who may have missed the opportunity to visit this very unique location, we are heading back! We have scheduled another PA Weekend (Carrie Furnace on May 10 and W. A. Young and Sons on May 11, 2014). For more information, see our Meetup page by clicking here.

Here are few images from this adventure in history!

_DSC3297-Edit _DSC3353-Edit _DSC3501-Edit _DSC3513-Edit


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