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Sometimes it’s better in Black and White


Here is a slightly different take on the Palouse Barn from my prior post.  With the sweeping clouds above the barn, I think this one looks better in Black and White.  I had pretty much finished processing the color version when it occurred to me that it might look better in Black and White.

Shooting into the Sun



I don’t advise taking pictures of the sun directly because it is my understanding that you can easily damage your eyes.   But using the sun as a compositional element can add a little something extra to your photographs.  The picture above is a 7 shot HDR to capture the dynamic range of the scene.  I shot this in The Palouse a couple of weeks ago with my partner Denise.  To achieve the starburst I stepped my lens down to f22 and positioned the camera so only a small amount of the setting sun could be seen.   The next issue was what to do with the lens flare that usually results.  I know many of us use UV filters to protect our front elements, but in this case I recommend removing any filters to possibly reduce flare.   After processing the photo I had 3 small areas of flare to correct.  I selected each area and used the Content Aware feature in Photoshop CS6.  Some people prefer to leave the flare in their photographs.  In my case I prefer to minimize this artifact.

Lines and Light

Recently back from a trip to The Palouse and finally sorting through thousands of images. In processing my images, I have come to realize The Palouse is a sumptuous study of lines and light. The vastness of the landscape, spotted with stunningly dilapidated barns and trucks, is the perfect inspiration for artistry. The amazing thing, at least to me, is that some images scream out to be pure, while others scream out to be abstractions of themselves; be it color, texture, or tone.

_DSC0038_HDR _DSC0699_HDR _DSC3819 _DSC3626 _DSC3311_HDR

There is something for everyone is this amazing region of the United States and I for one cannot wait to get back. We are planning a photo tour there next June! Stay tuned for more information about our 2014 Photo Tour schedule.

Historic Waterford, VA

Yesterday, we shared an impromptu Meetup with Loudoun Photo Club in Loudoun County Virginia. Ken M., the photo club’s field trip coordinator invited the RRPT Meetup group to join in on this wonderful opportunity to tour the historic Waterford Village. We started out early with a walk-about town, followed by private tour with Margaret Good from the Waterford Foundation to a number of the historic sites!

Waterford was settled in 1733 by Amos Janney, a Quaker from Pennsylvania. In the late 1930’s decedents of several of the original Waterford families set about restoring the buildings in town, and in 1943, the Waterford Foundation was formed. With the help of residents, the Waterford Foundation works to preserve this beautiful village for future generations. Here are some images from yesterday’s adventure.


Looking Out  Mill Gears  John Wesley Church

We are hoping to set up another private tour Meetup in the fall. Join our Meetup group for further information on this and other great Meetup opportunities!

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In addition, for those interested in the Waterford Homes Tour & Crafts Exhibit, this year’s event will be held on October 4, 5 & 6, 2013, 10 AM to 5 PM. For more information: This is a ticketed, public event.


Shenandoah National Park – The Fawns are Here!

Yesterday, RRPT ran a Meetup to Shenandoah National Park. Our hopes were to find this year’s fawns in Big Meadow. Over the past few years, fawns have been very hard to find, but this year, we were in luck… easily 3-4 fawns playing in the meadow and near the Way Station Restaurant.

We met early, just after dawn, shot for a few hours, and the group grab breakfast before heading on to the rest of our days. We had a great turn out! 17 folks joined us on this adventure! Thanks to all who attended. From the looks of the images posted on the Meetup, it looks everyone got some great images!!

Here are a few of mine. Enjoy!




RRPT’s next Meetup will be July 4th.

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