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History… what’s yours?

Awhile back I decided to get a subscription to Starting with myself, I have grown the family tree forward 1 generation and backwards 7 generations (into the late 1700’s so far!). I have added over 1000 family members!

My families origins are Portugal, Sicily, and Scotland. The experience has been moving and educational. I have spent hours thinking about my family members who have passed, those that are still here (that I need to spend time learning from), and those just born. As part of this process, I have had an opportunity to go through old images, that before I could not relate to (or rather place in relationship to myself) until I starting building the family tree. More exciting, because I come from a long line of pack-rats, I have images to attach to the names I am finding.

If you have never thought of researching your family’s history, you might consider it.  It is hard to put into words just how extraordinary, intriguing, and compelling this process has been. I am curious to see how far back the lineage records of my family will go.

Another cool thing is… I now have the skills to repair and archive these images my family has treasured. Here is one of the images I found along the way.

1915 – My great grandfather (Bernardo Scaparro), his sister behind him (unknown), to her right my great grandmother (Josephine Scaparro), the baby is my grandfather (Frank Scaparro), my uncle (Thomas Scaparro), my uncle (Joseph Scaparro), and my uncle (Dennis Scaparro).  These are the Sicilians.

Image copy 2

To see other images, spanning from 1915 – 1967, you can click here.













Win a Trip!!




Since the inception of Road Runner Photography Tours we have frequently raffled spots on some of our tours. This May however, we are doing something we have never done and frankly have never seen anyone else do either.  We are planning a weekend photo tour in one of our favorite areas of West Virginia and the only way you can attend is to win a spot on the tour.  That’s right, every spot on the tour will be given away to randomly selected winners.

If you want to enter for a chance to win one of the 6 spots on the tour you need to head over to this page;

If you want to increase your chances of winning a spot on the tour it’s easy.  You just need to share the custom link that will be made available to you after you enter.  You can share this link with friends directly via email or you can use the buttons to post the link on your favorite social media site.   Each time someone enters using your link, you will get an extra entry into the contest as well.

Let’s just imagine for a moment, that you don’t want to win. I know I’m having trouble imagining that you would not want to win.  But you can still help your friends win by registering and sharing the link with your photo friends.  Imagine how grateful they would be if they won a spot because of your help!

Full details are available on the contest page.



New Book! Demystifying Photoshop

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 11.30.31 AMAdobe Photoshop is an extremely powerful post-production tool and was developed for graphic artists, designers, illustrators, and photographers alike. What does this mean? Well, it means that Photoshop has more features than any photographer is ever likely to use for processing photographs. But it also means that this is one of the best platforms to enhance your imagery.

The ability to use Camera Raw with Layers and Masks will enable you to take your images to the next level, whether you just want to enhance a single image or composite multiple images and textures to create an entirely unique piece of art.

The goal of this book is to introduce Photoshop and its features to photographers and to demonstrate how these tools may be used from the photographer’s perspective. Throughout this book, I will use images, and screenshots to demonstrate various techniques commonly used by photographers in Photoshop.

If you download the iBooks version, you will also get enhanced functionality, such as built in videos and interactive galleries to help reinforce what you are learning.

If you would like to purchase the Kindle/Android/PDF version, click here and then click Buy, just below the cover image.