History… what’s yours?

Awhile back I decided to get a subscription to Ancestry.com. Starting with myself, I have grown the family tree forward 1 generation and backwards 7 generations (into the late 1700’s so far!). I have added over 1000 family members!

My families origins are Portugal, Sicily, and Scotland. The experience has been moving and educational. I have spent hours thinking about my family members who have passed, those that are still here (that I need to spend time learning from), and those just born. As part of this process, I have had an opportunity to go through old images, that before I could not relate to (or rather place in relationship to myself) until I starting building the family tree. More exciting, because I come from a long line of pack-rats, I have images to attach to the names I am finding.

If you have never thought of researching your family’s history, you might consider it.  It is hard to put into words just how extraordinary, intriguing, and compelling this process has been. I am curious to see how far back the lineage records of my family will go.

Another cool thing is… I now have the skills to repair and archive these images my family has treasured. Here is one of the images I found along the way.

1915 – My great grandfather (Bernardo Scaparro), his sister behind him (unknown), to her right my great grandmother (Josephine Scaparro), the baby is my grandfather (Frank Scaparro), my uncle (Thomas Scaparro), my uncle (Joseph Scaparro), and my uncle (Dennis Scaparro).  These are the Sicilians.

Image copy 2

To see other images, spanning from 1915 – 1967, you can click here.














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  1. How amazing! I loved reading about your experience and looking at the photos. Priceless.
    love ya,

  2. Amy

    Found a whole bunch of info on our family through Ancestry. A relative on that side found me and we have linked our profiles.

    Pretty wild.

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