A Passing Storm


The meteorologist is predicting a thunderstorm. When this happens do you think about the photographic opportunities? I must admit that I do not always think about getting out when storms are imminent. But I do have a device called the Lightning Bug that makes capturing images of lightning much easier. The Lightning Bug plugs into the Hot Shoe on your DLSR and connects to the camera by cable, you set the sensitivity on the Lightning Bug and sit back and let the camera and Lightning Bug do all the work.

Perhaps it’s a little more difficult than that, you still need to make judgements about exposure and composition, but the Lightning Bug handles the difficult task of timing the exact moments of capture.

If your DLSR is not handy, I have had great results using an iPhone App called iLightning Cam to capture lightening with my iPhone.

Our Friends at Hunt’s also have a blog on using the Lightning Bug to capture Fireworks.

Our friend Alan Samiljan, at Hunt’s Photo and Video is having a sale this month on the Lightning Bug. It’s $20 off and includes a free cable. Give Alan a call at 781-662- 8822 if you would like to add this to your camera bag.

P.S. While Lightning can be a great subject for us landscape photographers, please be safe and don’t put yourself in harm’s way!!

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