A Perfect Shave




Standing in front of this bathroom sink I could envision the farmer who lived in this house shaving. Who knows, perhaps he had a beard and rarely shaved, but it’s what I thought about when I composed this shot. I used Perfect Photo Suite to edit and process this image. I shot this old farm house during our Palouse Tour last June. We plan to go back to the Palouse in June 2015 and would love to share the beautiful landscapes, abandoned houses and old trucks with you. The Palouse is wonderful location and never disappoints.

Speaking of Perfect. Our friends at OnOne Software are updating Perfect Photo Suite this fall and we wanted to be the first to tell you about it! We have not had a chance to get our hands on a beta version yet, but the new features sound exciting! Lightning fast RAW previews, improved selection tools, a Smart Photo feature that lets you reedit your photos with previous settings intact are, just a few. Of course there are discounts for existing users and introductory pricing for new users.

Click here to check out OnOne Perfect Photo Suite!


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