Conveying Scale

Today’s featured image was taken in the Highlands of Iceland. I have had the great fortune to have seen about 85% of this extraordinary country and I have to say that the Highlands are truly my most favorite place, with all the texture, color, contrast, a photographer could ask for.


I often go to great lengths to ensure people are not in my landscape images, but in this case, I realized that there was truly no way to convey the vastness of this place without something manmade or human to convey scale. How many people can you find?



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  1. Very interesting, thanks for sharing. I count 3 people, but I’m sure there is more.

  2. Truly a WOW! Love the lines and the colors.

  3. I count three. Awesome image. Great sense of scale along with a wonderful lines & colors.

  4. There are 7 people in the image. 🙂

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