Cape May and the making of Lemonade



We just finished our annual Cape May Photo Tour weekend and as usual we had a great group of talented and energetic photographers. Cape May is such a wonderful venue that even though we arrived 2 days early to scout the locations, we still did not cover all of our favorite spots!

In regard to making Lemonade. That’s a term of art that I use to illustrate how to deal with the challenges that photography can sometimes present. The shot above was our first stop with the tour group last Friday evening. The access to this point is very narrow allowing for only one photographer at a time. I needed to get my tripod in the water to get the reflection and wanted to show the shot to our clients as an example of one of the possible shots from this location. Considering that I had 10 people in line behind me, I just took a quick snap and on the back of the camera everything looked fine. When I started to process this shot I realized that while I had the foreground sharp, my depth of field was not sufficient to render the lighthouse as sharp as I would have preferred. So I used a couple of Flypaper Textures to give the shot a different feel and I think with the use of textures the importance of sharpness in the image becomes less important.

I also use and recommend the plugin “Dirty Pictures” from Totally Rad Software for managing and working with Textures in Photoshop.

We are planning to do our annual Cape May Weekend next year a littler earlier so we can photograph the iconic Cape May Boats that line the beach! Registration is open and it’s not too early to secure your spot on this tour… . If you want to keep up with all things Road Runner, please join our Meetup and our Mailing List (on the right side of this page).

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