The Old Truck Graveyard

Above is one of the few old cars at a favorite location we call the Old Truck Graveyard.

I have shot at this location for the past few years and have shared this awesome location with our Meetup Group almost as long. This last trip we were treated with nice overcast skies which provided nice soft light. During all of my previous trips we had nice bright sunny days and the resulting harsh light that goes with what non photographers call a beautiful day.

I always like to visit locations more than once. Each time you go back you see things you might have missed on earlier trips. This trip was no exception.

The image above was shot with my Nikon D200 converted to Super Color IR by Lifepixel. Then I used Macphun Intensify and finished with Nik Color Effects and Flypaper Presets. Check out our discounts page for details!  

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