July 4th Infrared

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of July! I am finally starting to sift through my images, but there was one that stuck in my mind from the moment it was conceived… an infrared of the monuments from Rosslyn with those AMAZING clouds!!! The weather did exactly as predicted by the weatherman, but before those beautiful white puffies disappeared, I thought…oooHHH, infrared. There are a lot of takes on infrared, from faux color throughout to the blue channel to pure black and white. For me, for that scene, I wanted to create the image I saw… beautiful white clouds, with striking blue sky. Hope you enjoy!

_DSC3653 (1)


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  1. Denise, nice shot! I love your IR photography.
    Thanks again for the saved real estate yesterday.
    The next time I attend an event I’ll be on time!

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