Lake Panorama



Shooting a panorama properly should usually involve the proper equipment.   I’m referring to a nodal plate and some other gear that allows the optical center of the lens to pivot over the center of the tripod.  This allows your software to have a much easier time when it comes to stitching images.   But if you lack a foreground subject, you don’t have to be so precise.  In the case of this image I took 4 horizontal shots of the lake scene just using my tripod ball head.   Since there was no real foreground this was easily stitched in Photoshop.


We frequently shoot panos on our tours and Meetups, so if you need some help with this type of photography be sure to ask.


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  1. What a great image Don! Great lines and contrast, love it!

  2. Very nice image, Don. Good point about there being less need for precision if there is no foreground object in the scene.

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