New Article – Aurora Photography Tips!

Aurora photography is one of my passions. I enjoy the challenge of capturing this elusive phenomenon. There is the challenge of

  • “Getting there” as these are most often seen in very remote locations.
  • Braving frigid and often dangerous conditions, such as 30-40 below freezing! 
  • Waiting for nature to do her thing! This challenge is really a force of will. Willing yourself to stay outside in inhospitable conditions just waiting for something to happen! 
  • Getting the settings right! There is nothing more frustrating than finding out the focus was spot on or the shutter was open too long. 
  • Processing the images. Believe it or not, I struggle to produce images I want to share, as this subject is simply difficult to process (for me). 

I am hoping my article on Tips for Aurora Photography will help you overcome some of the challenges I experience. Enjoy!! 

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