Not So Modern Marvels




A couple of weeks ago we spent the weekend near Pittsburgh.  The main purpose was to shoot Carrie Furnace, but on the second day we had a smaller meetup at the W.A. Young & Sons Machine Shop.   This century old machine shop and foundry is just like it was when the doors closed in 1965.  Inside are 25 fully functional belt driven machines.   I was thinking that it must have been noisy with all these machines in operation, but when the caretaker fired up the old flathead engine that powers the drive belt system it was surprisingly quiet.


The photo above was just one of the many I took during our 3 hour visit.   I processed this one with the new Perfect Photo Suite from OnOne Software.  I’m pretty impressed with my first look at the new version of Perfect Photo Suite and one nice feature is that you do not have to use the suite from within Photoshop.  So users that don’t have Photoshop can still use this powerful suite of tools.   A 30 day trial version is available.


We are making plans to return to Carrie Furnace and W.A. Young & Sons next May.  Join our meetup group if you want to be notified when the dates are confirmed.


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