What’s in your Toolbox?

What’s in your Toolbox?

We live in a wonderful time to be a photographer. The options and creative techniques seem more than I can count. I tend to think of these techniques like tools, and by learning new techniques you add a new tool to your toolbox.

Several years ago I saw a lot of people online and at my camera club were shooting mirror images. I took the time to learn the technique and tucked it away in my toolbox. A mirror is where you take an image and flip the image so you have two halves that mirror each other.

Last year I shot this abstract image and it occurred to me that I should try creating a mirror. I think it worked and I’m glad this technique is in my toolbox.

If you want to try this for yourself, load an image in Photoshop and duplicate the image on a second layer. Choose the second layer and go to the Image Menu and choose Image Rotation, then choose Flip Canvas Horizontal (or vertical) and use the move tool to align the image. From there you may need to adjust the layer opacity or masking to obtain the final result.


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