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A Bear Cub in a Tree




I know you are thinking I must have made a mistake with this blog’s title.  I was recently editing my pictures from a tour of the Smoky Mountains this past spring and, after going through about 100 bear cub pictures, I came across this shot.  While shooting the bear I noticed the moon was out and this line of clouds went right across,  so I snapped a picture of the moon and went back to shooting the bear.


I have two points or perhaps suggestions to make.  First, don’t be afraid to put your subject in the middle of the frame.  Sometimes it works just fine.  Second, take the time to look around.  You might just be missing a better picture if you are only aware of what’s in front of you.


Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!

Spring and summer are such an amazing time in the Mid-Atlantic region. Yes, it can be hot and humid and bug ridden, but it also presents so many great opportunities to photograph flowers! From the amazing sunflowers in Maryland to lotus blossoms and water lilies in the District to the area of blooms found in Longwood Gardens in Philadelphia… opportunities galore!

Here is a collection of images from these locations… click image to enlarge.


Get out and shoot!

If you are interested in joining RRPT for our upcoming Sunflower Meetup, check it out by clicking here.

Sunflowers, Poolesville, MD

We had our first of two Meetups at the sunflowers fields near Poolesville, MD. Great time, great group, definitely on the hotside! Here are some images from this evenings shoot.

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_DSC2044 _DSC2101

_DSC2001 _DSC1966


Reminder, we have another Meetup next Saturday evening, 6:30 PM. Check out our Meetup site for the details! logo



More Traditional Fireworks

Here are a few more traditional images of yesterday’s Independence Day. It was a long and very hot day, but worth the wait. Thanks to all the folks that came out to our Meetup! Great to meet you all and share such a cool experience.



To learn more about our Meetups, click here.

July 4th Infrared

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of July! I am finally starting to sift through my images, but there was one that stuck in my mind from the moment it was conceived… an infrared of the monuments from Rosslyn with those AMAZING clouds!!! The weather did exactly as predicted by the weatherman, but before those beautiful white puffies disappeared, I thought…oooHHH, infrared. There are a lot of takes on infrared, from faux color throughout to the blue channel to pure black and white. For me, for that scene, I wanted to create the image I saw… beautiful white clouds, with striking blue sky. Hope you enjoy!

_DSC3653 (1)

Independence Day

July 4th, Independence Day, is just around the corner and RRPT is hosting a Meetup!

RRPT Meetup will be meeting near the base of the Netherlands Carillon, in Rosslyn, VA. This is a great location to capture spectacular images of the fireworks exploding around The Mall.

This is a great way to experience the 4th! Hang out with friends, enjoy the evening, and see an amazing show!  For the details and to join our Meetup click the Meetup button below. We are looking forward to seeing you there!