A Perspective on Photography Workshops – Len Johnson, Guest Blogger!

I enjoy taking photography workshops for the opportunities they provide to travel with experienced guides that know the best locations and have scouted the optimum time to be there. The workshop instructors I have had have encouraged the participants to see the area from a personal point of view that expresses their own artistic vision. They also have been helpful in learning how to most effectively use the tools I have from lenses and filters to camera settings and post-processing.

This past Spring, I attended Jack Graham’s “Spring in the Sonoran Desert” workshop in Arizona. The desert landscapes were beautiful, but unfortunately the wildflowers were past their peak. With this in mind, Jack encouraged our group to look for more unique perspectives and experiment with lens choices to create an image that goes beyond a “record shot.” The group critiques were also extremely valuable as they provided opportunities to also learn from the other workshop participants.


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