Big Sur and San Francisco

Big Sur and San Francisco are two of the most iconic locations in Northern California and we are headed there. Join us as we explore these amazing locations from January 22 through 26, 2015. Guided by Denise, who grew up in the Monterey Bay Area, as well as lived and worked in San Francisco for decades; her expert local knowledge will guide us to all the coolest spots!

So many people travel to Northern California in the middle of summer and are shocked to find the San Francisco Bay Area cold, rainy, and miserable… that is summer in San Francisco. One of the reasons that San Francisco is like that in the summer is the oppressive heat in the central regions of the state pull the fog in off the ocean on to the coastline, resulting in shocking cold temperatures.¬†Locals know this. That is why we are visiting this area in one of the two best times of year, January.

To learn more and register for this trip, click here. Early bird discounts for this trip end November 16, 2014 at midnight.

Learn low light and evening photography while capturing stunning images of the iconic bridges spanning the Bay:



Visit classic neighborhoods like Chinatown, Little Italy, and Fisherman’s Wharf:


Be there for that special moment (which only happens two months of the year) when the sun glows through the archway in Big Sur:

_DSF2644-Edit-3 _DSF2265-Edit-4

Capture sunset on the rugged coastline of Northern California:

_DSF2108-Edit _DSF2112-Edit-2 _DSF2659-Edit-2 _DSF2745-Edit-2



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