What’s the saying? The devil’s in the details. Well, if its not the devil, it certainly is the unique character of each animal when on safari! 

As amazing as the animals are in their environment, when you have the opportunity to get close, as we did this past May, its exciting to zoom in on unique character of each animal. Most of the time, these unique markings are a result of battles, as can be seen in the images below. Check out the impala with the ruptured cornea! 

For each of these images, I filled the frame (minus a minor crop here or there for composition). Our proximity to the animals was remarkable and almost impossible to imagine. Whether we were in a hide, 6-10 ft from a lion, Cape buffalo, or kudu, or on a boat 5 ft from a crocodile, or in a game vehicle 10 ft from a Big Tusker, we were close. 

We are heading back to Africa for 3 amazing trips over 3 weeks. If safari is on your life list, then use our contact page, to let us know you are interested. Get in on the ground floor, before the trips post to the public!


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