Number One

Number One



This is what I call Iceberg Number One. A couple of weeks ago we landed at Constable Point in Greenland for the start of what one of our participants called “one of the top 5 events in my life”. This tour was over 2 years in planning and simply amazing! We will be writing additional blogs and posting additional images as time goes forward, but we wanted to get an image posted here on our blog.

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Back to Number One. Our flight from Iceland to Greenland was delayed several hours due to weather in a different area of Greenland and this caused a cascading delay in our departure from Iceland. Once we finally got on the plane and started to taxi out to the runway, one of the plane’s engines died and we instead taxied to the maintenance hangar. After returning to the terminal Air Iceland readied another plane and 30 minutes later we were finally in the air.

Upon arrival in Greenland we had a 20 minute walk from the airport to the zodiacs, we transferred to the schooner Opal and after dinner started our voyage from Constable Point to the main part of Scoresby Sund. The first thing the crew told us is that distances in Greenland are deceptive. Number One Iceberg was visible to us on the boat almost 2 hours before we arrived. It seemed so much closer. We circled this beautiful hunk of ice between midnight and 1 a.m. before retiring for the night.

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