Spring Snow in the Smokies

Spring Snow in the Smokies


I just returned from our Spring Smokies Tour. We always hope for certain conditions for our clients, but this year we received a special surprise. It snowed at the higher elevations! In anticipation of this adverse weather the Park Service closed the road that crosses the park and leads to the higher elevations. However, the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail remained open and got us up to the elevation necessary to experience and photograph the snow.

Prior to the start of our tour it rained and as such we had several days of strong running streams. These streams are always a joy to photograph and I never tire of hearing the beautiful sound of running water in a mountain stream. We usually venture out into the water, but this year I stayed close to shore because the higher water levels also bring swift moving water and I don’t want my camera gear to go for a swim.

We finished off the week with a nice hike to Spruce Flat Falls in the Treemont area. Just about the time everyone was wrapping up their shooting, the sun starting peaking over the top of the mountain and illuminating the waterfall with less desirable light. One of the many benefits of traveling with an experienced guide who gets you to the right place at the right time.




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