What’s New at Road Runner Photo Tours

Road Runner Photography Tours is going to have a new home base! 

Many of you have probably heard, we (Geff and Denise) are moving to Montana. This move is happening due to a death in the family, which has resulted in our need to move out of our current home. We decided that if we had to pack up and move, we would move to a place we have always dreamed about living… and that is Montana! 

What does this mean for Road Runner? 

  • There will be no noticeable change between now and the end of the year. We have lots of local commitments and will be here for all of them.
  • Road Runner is alive and well, with a ton of amazing trips planned for the rest of 2019 and 2020! See here for our current tours
  • Stay tuned for new tours of the Pacific Northwest! We will be scouting and setting up tours in Montana (Glacier National Park is the corner stone of our new home, but there are a ton of state parks and national forests to explore); Banff National Park in Canada, ey!; Oregon and Washington (think all seasons in Palouse) states are just a hop away, and so much more. 
  • Road Runner Meetup will continue, with the aid of Samantha Marshall. So if you are already a member of our amazing Meetup or are interested in joining, Samantha will keep you busy in the tradition you have come to love and trust! Samantha loves all things photography but is also a gifted portrait photographer, so you will see more options to explore portraiture, model, and stuff like cosplay events if learning new things interests you! 
  • Geff and I will still be available for speaking engagements, though it will just take a bit more planning. But we love the DC metro area and will definitely come back to visit all of our friends here! 
  • Lastly, our online presence will remain unchanged! We love staying connected to everyone we follow and that follow us, so we will continue to chat and be part of the community, to share our journeys and yours, on FB, Instagram, the RRPT blog, and always email! 

We see this as simply a new adventure, as we continue to explore and share our passion for photography. 

Thank you all for being part of our Road Runner family! 

Denise and Geff


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