How Others Experience a Destination

I thought it would be fun to feature the work of one of our Iceland tour participants – Paul W.!

I am always intrigued by how other people see a destination that I am so familiar. Paul definitely saw these sights in ways I had not every considered! Some people don’t like to shoot with others, but I find it totally inspiring to see from the viewpoint of an artist! 

“Being on the Roadrunner photography tour of Iceland means having photographically competent, expert tour leaders who know every worthwhile spot to shoot and when to get there to avoid the tourist crowds.  Denise and Don make everything work like they invented the idea of photography tours, giving everyone whatever help and advice they need without imposing on anyone.    They somehow manage to be flexible enough to handle the needs and wishes of the group while seeming to have everything so well planned that is seems magical the way it all comes together.   All of this care is very important when you are in a place where the sun shines for 17 hours each day and there are hundreds of best places to see and photograph.  I am going with them again soon.” – Paul W. 


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