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Iceland Part II

We just returned from our second tour to Iceland this winter.  Our first tour was in December and our second was about a month later in January.   In this case what a difference a month makes. During our first trip temperatures were almost summer like and we had a lot more rain than we would have liked.  A month later the temperatures were in the teens for the early part of our tour and instead of rain we had snow.  

The good news was we were finally able to get into the ice caves.  Denise has posted images from the Ice Caves on our Facebook Page.  

The shot above was from our first afternoon with the group.  It was very windy and as a result the seas were quite stormy.  

We will return to Iceland this August and we still have one spot available

Iceland Bound


The blog has been a little quieter than we would like, so an update is overdue. We finished another fantastic year making images and leading photography tours with a week in Iceland being our last tour of the year. The image above was shot at Oxararfoss in Thingvellir National Park in Iceland.

December was a bit on the warm side for Iceland and as a result there had been no snow. The only disappointment was the Ice Caves were flooded due to warm temperatures and rain. But as a result of the warmer temperatures the glacier lagoon was not frozen and we had lots of ice chunks on the black sand beach. So Mother Nature took one thing from us but gave us another.

We leave again in a couple of days for another week in Iceland. What a great way to end one year and start another!

Golden Hour

Some warm thoughts and images on a cold winter’s night.


The golden hour refers to the time just after sunrise and just before sunset when sun light is at it’s warmest and softest. It is such a spectacular time of day, it is also known as the magic hour. Depending on where you are, this “hour” can last for many hours or be as brief as a few minutes.

Our challenge as photographers is to take advantage of these moments to create magical images, in which we can feel the warm glow of the waning light on our skin.


The first and second images were shot in Iceland in December. At this time of year, the sun in Iceland only reaches approximately 12º above the horizon… so the golden “hour” lasts most of the day (or rather a few hours.

The third image was taken at Conowingo Dam, MD, also in winter. Although in the U.S. winter days last much longer than in Iceland, the golden hour only last for about an hour in the best of circumstances.

_DSC5074-Edit _DSC5892-Edit

The fourth image, was taken at the Tidal Basin in DC in April. On a spring day, without cloud cover, the golden hour lasted about 15 minutes or so. Once the sun is up, the light is hot creating heavy contrast in the scene. This was a very brief, albeit beautiful moment on the Tidal Basin.  _DSF4273-Edit

The fifth image was taken in Acadia, ME. Also taken in winter, this sunset golden hour gave the rocks and the sea spray a lovely pink hue. Creating a dream-like feel on a very chilly evening.

The final image was taken in Assateague National Park, MD in May. This sunrise lasted for longer than normal due to the heavy cloud cover in the foreground. The clear sky on the horizon created a beautiful glow that reflected on the beach as the waves pulled back from the shore.


These fleeting moments are the very ones that draw me to photography. Addicting. They don’t happen often, but when they do, their effect keeps you trying for more.

Get out and chase the light….






Icelandic Highlands


We just wrapped up our 2nd epic tour of Iceland. We had a great group of participants and in spite of some challenging weather, we got to see and photograph a lot of great locations.

The image above was taken in the Icelandic Highlands on a day with light rain and 60 mph winds.

We always rent 4×4 vehicles so we can take our clients into the Highlands. While Iceland offers much for the photographer without going into the Highlands, our clients agreed unanimously that going to the Highlands was essential and the long rough ride on the Icelandic “F” roads was well worth the extra expense and effort.


Iceland Awaits


After almost a year of planning, Denise and I are soon to head back to one of our favorite places on the planet! We are leading a group of photographers on a tour of what we think are the best locations in Iceland. While we have seen much of what Iceland has to offer during our previous trips and tours, we know that much more remains to be discovered. So we are spending 5 days exploring the north of Iceland before our group arrives.

The photo above was taken in the Westfjords at a waterfall called Dynjandi. It’s a beautiful and stunningly large waterfall in a very remote location.

Epic Iceland! 2015

There is really no way to describe… with words… the majesty of Iceland. This country is like no other! With incredible light and impressive landscapes, Iceland is a photographer’s paradise. Join us as we explore all of its nature wonders! For more information on our 2015 Epic Iceland tour, click here. Only 1 Spot Left!

After Dark

As photographers, we are always chasing the light; looking for that perfect sunrise or sunset with just the right amount of cloud cover to provide the quintessential filtered light. But sometimes it is the light you have access to after the sunlight has fully disappeared that provides the most intrigue.

The images below were captured in Iceland last weekend well after sunset, between 2 and 5 hours actually. All of the images, sans one (the bluest icebergs had a few pops with a very small flashlight) were captured with strictly ambient light (moonlight) or in the case of the sea stacks, ambient city light (from Vik).

Working with ambient light is both challenging and inspiring. It takes patience, lots of it, as it can take multiple attempts to get the image correctly framed and in focus. But the results can be amazing when it works out, providing a whole new way to look at the world.

Next time you have the chance to explore in the wee hours, challenge yourself to see what you can find after dark.

If you are interested in exploring Iceland (day and night) with RRPT, we are heading back Sept 5 – 13, 2015. For more information, click here.

_XT14557-Edit _XT14562-Edit _XT14571-Edit _XT14586-Edit _XT14612-Edit

Journey through Iceland

Iceland is a photographer’s paradise with its varied landscapes, massive waterfalls, and epic glacial lagoons. Our 2015 Epic Iceland Tour is open for registration… don’t miss out on visiting this amazing country. Over 8 days and nights, we will traverse Iceland, from Snaefellsnes Peninsula to Höfn, with stops in the Highlands, lava fields, and glacial lagoons. See the remains of a U.S. Navy DC-3. Stand at the foot of a glacier. Surround yourself in mossy lava. Stand in front of, behind, and under looming falls. There is no place like Iceland!

Don and I have mapped out a great trip. We are keeping our trip small, no more than 6 participants. This will keep our group flexible, allowing us to travel to lesser known places. With such limited space and great pricing, you’ll have to act fast. Also, we are running special pricing… get a single room at no additional cost. Our special pricing ends November 16 at Midnight. We are also traveling a bit later in the season, Sept 5-13. We have chosen this time to take advantage of the better weather while doing our best to give our participates an opportunity to capture images of the aurora borealis (weather cooperating)! Also, unlike other tours that go mid-summer when the sun never fully sets, September will also provide sunrises and sunsets with that amazing Icelandic light.

To learn more and register, click here.

Here is a quick video of our most recent journey.


_DSF8599-Edit-2   _XT15372 2-Edit-2 _XT16227-Edit-2 _DSF7428-3-Edit IMG_9920   _XT12265-Edit _XT14323-Edit _XT17703-Edit-2   _DSF7572-2-Edit

 _XT14506-Edit-Edit _DSF8768-Edit-3

Conveying Scale

Today’s featured image was taken in the Highlands of Iceland. I have had the great fortune to have seen about 85% of this extraordinary country and I have to say that the Highlands are truly my most favorite place, with all the texture, color, contrast, a photographer could ask for.


I often go to great lengths to ensure people are not in my landscape images, but in this case, I realized that there was truly no way to convey the vastness of this place without something manmade or human to convey scale. How many people can you find?


2015 Photo Tours Announced!

RRPT is happy to announce 2 NEW Photo Tours for our 2015 Calendar Year!

Currently available for registration!

For those early planners, now is the time to act. We are offering special discounts on both tours. When you click through to the registration page, you will see this special pricing discussed below.

2015 Epic Iceland!

_DSC9826 _DSC9955


With a total of 6 trips under our belts, Don and I can provide you with our local knowledge of this amazing country. We not only know where to shoot, but when to shoot it. This photo tour will be chock full of epic scenery and more fun that you can image. For more detailed information on the trip, including a basic itinerary and to register, click here. For Epic Iceland, if you book before November 16, 2014, you will receive Single Room Supplemental Upgrade for FREE! That’s a $750 value!


2015 Big Sur and San Francisco CA! 

SONY DSC _DSF2603-Edit


As a California native, the San Francisco Bay Area and the Big Sur/Monterey regions are my back yard. I have spent more than 37 years in Northern California exploring these areas and still consider this area home. I look forward to sharing two of my favorite places with you. For more detailed information on the trip, including a basic itinerary and to register, click here. For Big Sur and San Francisco, if you book before November 16, 2014, you will receive a 15% discount when you pay for full registration! That’s a $173 value!